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Looking Beyond the Wedding Day


Wedding! Are You Really Ready for the Big Step? PICTURE in your mind the home of a teen-age bride-to-be. Yes, there is plenty of excitement and concern. The parents, while concerned about the cost, work hard to make the eventful day a success. The girl may be, by turns, depressed…

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Happiness!!! But what is it?


The acceptance of happiness is as elusive as it is vast. It is one and many things….when one marries, lands a good job or seeks pleasure…It is all in the quest for happiness. ln folk tales, it dominates the terrain too and no folk tale ends without the branded..They lived…

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Stop Smoking: Be clear about it.


It is a fact. Words have power. Power to help us, assist us or to harm and damage us. Our tone can mean we are being real or dishonest, this could be very confusing for individuals attempting to learn our language. We make it considerably harder by talking in metaphors,…

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Happiness on the Shelf

Are you happy today? If not today, are you happy with your life generally? If you’re wondering why that question matters, and you tend to think about pursuing happiness as a poetic flourish rather than a  mission statement, you might want to look at the United Nations’ (UN) declaration in…

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World happiness report

happiness report

The World Happiness Report is a point of interest review of the condition of worldwide happiness. The World Happiness Report 2017, positions 155 nations by their happiness levels. This is the fifth one to turn out since 2012, keeps on increasing worldwide acknowledgment as governments, associations and common society increasingly…

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How to make quality decisions


Settling on quality decisions is a foundation for carrying on with a quality life. Obviously, we all agree with that. Yet, knowing and doing are two different things. I know I shouldn’t have dessert this evening, yet … I’m aware I should practice each day, yet … I know I…

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Wonders of Winter


MUCH could be said about the inconveniences of winter in the northern latitudes, of the cold and ice, of the frost and snow that threaten man and other creatures with hardship and hunger. Winter often reminds one of whining car wheels caught in slippery ruts, of grinding engines that are…

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